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Crowning glory: where to get your hair did

Inka Rodriguez, stylist, checks the color and cut of Carolyn Roddy at Vidal Sassoon on Miami Beach.  Photo: C.W. Griffin.
Inka Rodriguez, stylist, checks the color and cut of Carolyn Roddy at Vidal Sassoon on Miami Beach.  Photo: C.W. Griffin.

It’s said that no matter what your hair type, the grass is always greener – or, in this case, the follicle’s always finer. Curlies want to be straights, brunettes want to be readheads, pixies want to be extensions. Fortunately, a good salon can leave you loving your locks and feeling guilty for ever having uttered such treacherous words about your beautiful locks.

When choosing a salon, it’s important to remember that not all are created equal. Some have specialties, others cater to niche markets and, most importantly, there’s a perfect match for your needs.

Cuts like a Knife

Vidal Sassoon

It’s your mother’s salon and quite possibly your grandmother’s salon. Situated on Collins Avenue for 12 years, VS is the embodiment of refined, old-world, old-school, always-cool style, which is why their clientele runs the gamut from hip highschoolers to international jetsetters. A welcoming attitude paired with decades of setting the industry standard and honing meticulous skill — stylists trained to have very precise cutting skills and VS releases two “collections” annually to show off different cuts — make them the destination for classic style.

Vidal Sassoon, 660 Collins Ave, Miami Beach; 305-672-3600


Not even Fergie could define glamour better than Oribe. Located on Euclid Avenue off Lincoln Road and boasts devoted beautiful girl next-door clientele. The salon’s décor adds to the atmosphere of simply charming and subtly sexy indulgence. Local and non-local sirens alike frequent the shop for its effortlessly glamorous, uber-feminine cuts and for its expert staff — The owner and namesake Oribe visits the salon regularly for his own list of clients and shares new tips and tricks with his stylists — that understands how to make a woman look her best.

Oribe 1627 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach; 305-538-8006

Look at the Pretty Colors


One of the most streamlined, modern salons in Miami Beach sits inside a picturesque ivy-covered building, Snip exudes that feeling of the fresh and modern while still embracing Miami’s past — evidenced with photographs by Robin Hill of the historical MiMo district displayed throughout the salon. It makes sense, then, that a place featuring great art is known for its color expertise. The space and staff have an almost tangible vitality, and this translates into vibrant, beautiful coloring work.

Snip, 456 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach; 305-532-7333

La Bella

When discussing hair color, the phrase “I want it to look natural” is often heard, and La Bella salon in Coral Gables knows how to make clients naturally look their best with a genuinely mellow, talented staff and a full line of Aveda products. Subtlety is the key to great color and it takes effort to leave clients looking so naturally polished. La Bella provides a quiet, soothing atmosphere and visitors will feel at home instantly, especially due to the shop’s emphasis on community.

La Bella, 2604 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables; 305-444-1412

Going to Great Lengths

Remember that childhood rhyme: girls are sugar and spice and everything nice? Imagine a salon made out of cotton candy, or rather Candyland the salon, with pink walls and tall, vintagey jars filled with chocolates and lollipops. As for the spice, that comes in the form of the fast-talking, say-anything, sassy staff that promises to make you over and will even post your photo on their website. Their magic weapon is having the best hair extensions in town.

Rapunzel, 7011 Biscayne Blvd; 305-756-3909

He’s so GQ


A traditional English barber shop (Union Jack flag flying outside) for the modern gentleman. Men can head to Carr’s for a haircut, hot shave and manicure while watching sports and sipping scotch or a nice cold beer. This is the spot for men who enjoy good grooming with a classically masculine appeal. Clients can purchase a monthly membership to the shop, or they can simply make an old-fashioned appointment.

Carr’s, 1322 Alton Road, Miami Beach; 305-673-0877

Van Michael

Men today are more comfortable than ever about their need to look hip. Thanks, David Beckham, for putting so many guys in touch with their inner diva and the need to always change things up and seek out cool hairstyles. Also thank the Van Michael salon for providing a unique portfolio system – a book of illustrations that you and your stylist go through together to select elements such as bangs, length and color — to assure the fellas get just the perfect spikes.

Van Michael, 1667 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach; 305-534-6789

Less Bucks for the Bangs

Hair Cuttery

Yes, the Suave commercials were right: you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like you did. In a strip mall on Alton Road sits one of the best-kept hair secrets in Miami. If you’re lucky, you’ll score an appointment with Catalina. Cuts start at $15.

Hair Cuttery, 1527 Alton Rd, Miami Beach; 305-604-8841

Vidal Sassoon

Imagine a world-class cut with a major discount. You have two options: an $18 student/teacher cut by an already-licensed, experienced stylist who’s picking up some new tricks at the Vidal Sassoon academy (and it’s a tandem cut, as the teacher plays a hands-on rather than scissors-on role); or a $20 cut from a cut from a new, junior stylist.

Vidal Sassoon, 660 Collins Ave, Miami Beach; 305-672-3600