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Directing workshop

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese Andrew Cooper

While it’s true that the cost of high-end production equipment has plummeted – making it possible to produce feature films for next to nothing – if you are going to graduate from posting YouTube videos of your cat doing tricks or your buddy getting hit in the nether regions, you’re probably going to need a few pointers. It could be worth checking out local filmmaker Harriette Yahr’s filmmaking/directing weekend seminar on September 26-27.

The workshop will cover:

* Story and proper “shooting script” format.

* Overview of “script breakdown” and budgeting/scheduling.

* Creating storyboards, shot lists, determining “coverage.”

* Understanding shot choices, the language of cinematography, working with your Art Director, Assistant Director, Wardrobe Stylists, Script Supervisor, and Editor.  

Class size is limited to 14, so you’re sure to get personal attention, though it won’t come cheap. $500 gets you two days of intensive training and the chance to raise your game … or at least become the Scorsese of cat videos.

See for complete info and details on other upcoming workshops.