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DJ Sama

DJ Felix Sama
DJ Felix Sama

By Justin Kent

Plenty of big name DJ/Producers call Miami their home. But only one of  them is equally at home on the radio, television, in front of a classroom, and in the theater.

Miami’s own DJ Felix Sama recently moved the crowd backstage at Fuerza Bruta – transforming a loading dock into a sensory charged afterparty. 

“After everyone sees the play, they come up into the G-Lounge, so we have anywhere between 5 and 800 people walking into this nightclub that we built in the Adriane Arscht Center, and my job is to keep as many bodies in the room as possible, through whatever means possible, and the way I do that is through music.”

For the closing night of the show, DJ Sama brought a special guest –  Tito Puente Jr. – to drum alongside Sama’s scratch and sample beat manipulations. As the DJ kept the music flowing, the drummer infused live percussion to produce a huge reaction from the crowd.

A reality-bending show like Fuerza is a big act to follow, and it’s not a coincidence that Mr. Sama was chosen for the job:

“The show’s mind blowing, that’s all I got to say. The simple fact is, I love art… I’m developing a play called Latino Block Party that recently got accepted to be in a think tank session for the Arscht 

Center, and that’s how we developed the relationship. Obviously me being a celebrity didn’t hurt, and it’s been a perfect fit and a great ride.”

Along with his DJ School (Rhythm City DJ Skool) and upcoming DJ-based reality TV pilot (Party Rocka), there’s plenty of opportunity to see him do his thing.