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Jacuzzi Boys

By Rayme Samuels

With a MySpace page that boasts a genre of “tropical/ death metal” it becomes instantly clear that Jacuzzi Boys are something different on the scene. They’ve always been into music and have found a balance to create great, straight up rock and roll. The trio [Gabriel Alcala (guitar/vocals), Danny Rojas (bass), and Diego Monasteri (drums/vocals)] have been friends for a while and naturally fell into their collective groove. Jacuzzi Boys was a rejected name for a previous band that Alcala and Rojas were in together; as an appropriate homage to the glamour of life in the tropics, this time the name stuck.

Attracted to the endearing music of the era, they look up to 60’s bands like country rockers The Flying Burrito Brothers and other acts like Tom Petty, The Gun Club and Skip Spence. Guitar riffs reminiscent of psychedelic sounds of the time are featured on songs like “Island Ave” and “Black Sand.”

“The Miami scene has gotten a lot better in the last few years,” says Alcala before he mentions that the band loves to rock out at local venues with other homegrown groups like Electric Bunnies, Melted Sunglasses and Pool Party. Putting out five 7” records last year, the group has stayed busy working with a number of record labels scattered across the country including Rob’s House, HoZac, Floridas Dying, and Needless. With their music being sold as far north as Brooklyn, N.Y. it appears this group’s sound has a far reach.

An LP called “No Seasons” will come out on Florida’s Dying Records soon and the guys hope to tour to support the record in the fall.

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