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Rubber Maiden

Meow! Fetish performer and rubber enthusiast Rebecca slides into a selection of translucent latex catsuits. Photo: Jipsy.
Meow! Fetish performer and rubber enthusiast Rebecca slides into a selection of translucent latex catsuits. Photo: Jipsy.

Put your mouth up to the little hole and suck. That’s how Rebecca unwinds in her latex vacuum bed. No feather pillows or 300-count sheets here — just a platform and a pure swath of rubber, the user sandwiched in between. A vacuum sucks out all empty space, creating an airtight latex cocoon that’s so snug, every nook and cranny of the body is outlined. A dime-sized hole permits breathing.

The bed sits at the headquarters and storage site for her website, Rebecca’s Rubber Room, which features her persona as a fetish performer, latex model, and rubberist. The voluptuous and heavily tattooed fetishist has been all over the world thanks to her slippery suit skills, performing for the kinky masses at clubs and conventions. Sometimes she’s a dirty maid that strips down in a sudsy bath. In another show, she’s a thirsty latex-clad kitty splashing in a bowl of milk. “I get into the smell, the feel, everything about it,” she says. “For real rubberists, latex becomes your fetish, and I just want to share my perversion with the world.”

A former professional dominatrix, Rebecca works at Fort Lauderdale’s Fetish Factory, managing online sales and doing the bookkeeping (which means if you beg nicely, she’ll spank you and balance your checkbook). She’s a regular on the South Florida scene, which has flourished thanks to Fetish Factory’s long running Alter Ego party, a monthly kinkfest attended by about 800 naughty nurses, soldiers seeking a spanking, nuns in ass-less habits and an array of other fetishized occupations. If you’re lucky, Rebecca and friends may put on a live show. “We try to have an actual performance lined up for each one, but usually it just ends up being the kinkiest girls in town, venting onstage,” she says.

Besides custome-y getups, those in attendance wear lingerie, leather and especially, latex. “If you’re looking for a full latex catsuit, the cost is anywhere from $300 to $600,” she said. “If you get more elaborate with the design and custom fitting, it can go all the way up to $1000 dollars.”

Fetish Factory staffers are happy to help you select your second skin, then send you off to the dressing room with the baby powder (no lubing into it until after purchase). “When people come try on latex for the first time, they almost always end up buying,” Rebecca says. “There’s something very appealing about it once you get it on. It fits like a glove. It slides with your body. You sweat in it, and it becomes more formed to you. When it’s on your skin, it enhances your sense of touch.” Talk about a sales pitch.

After you’re outfitted in the right gear and headed off to the party, there’s no need for first time nerves. “A lot of people there are very open, it’s a friendly vibe. Many first timers think that it’s aggressive or dark. They have this image of it being a dungeon, and it’s not like that,” Rebecca says.

Based on her sage advice, here are some tips for new party goers:

Don’t freak out — no one’s gonna be outright sexin’ next to you. Fetish parties can have a rep for being sex-fueled swinger fests when that’s just not the case. Fetish Factory’s monthly event is a blowout get-together for those looking to let loose, dress up in kink attire, and celebrate what turns them on. But there are limits. No sex, no drugs, and no full-on nudity. That being said, consensual bondage play is always encouraged. “There’s bondage equipment all over the club that you’re free to use if you like,” Rebecca says.

Don’t even try to skip the dress code. Dressing up is essential — without the shiny catsuits, naughty nuns, and men being led around on leashes, this would be just another night at the club. Most fetish events won’t let you past the door without a proper getup. This isn’t the place for passive souls. It’s all about participation, so just put on the leash already.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the look. The hand-crafted rubber outfits like those Rebecca performs in can be hundreds of dollars, and that’s before factoring in the cost of incidental repairs and lube (so, so much lube). If you’re lacking the cash, or just not ready to commit on that level, opt for less pricey PVC or pleather gear. Guys can wear PVC pants, a fishnet shirt, and spiked accessories without dropping too much bank. Ladies can pull off just about any sexy look for less — lingerie, fishnets, and naughty costumes from Halloweens past. If you become a regular on the fetish scene, you can build your appropriately inappropriate wardrobe over time.

Know when to go and what to do. First timers should check out Fetish Factory’s monthly party in August, when the popular “Back to School” theme brings out lots of new faces as slutty schoolgirls and horny headmasters. And for any fetish event, be sure to respect the personal boundaries of other party goers and be aware of any venue rules (such as no cameras, no doing it in the bathroom, and no “fire play.” Oh my.)

Get your freak on at Fetish Factory, 855 E. Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale; 954-563-5777 or

Hours: Mon-Sat. 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sun. Noon – 6 p.m.

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