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Talia Hancock Q&A

With easy breezy basics and dresses perfect for Miami’s summertime, add Designer Talia Hancock to your ones-to-watch list. The California-based designer is touted for her minimalist design coupled with a supple feel compliments of the finest cotton in the world — Pima cotton from Peru. We chat up Hancock on textiles, keeping things simple and closet staples.

Your airy and versatile designs are a perfect mix of Cali-girl-goes-Peru, yet perfect for the Miami woman. How did you accomplish this aesthetic? I was born in San Clemente, California and spent my early years in Lima, Peru. I finished my schooling in Florida and Southern California.

Describe the Talia Hancock woman for those not in the know: I like to say that my girl considers herself anything but sexy, but is precisely that. She is active, confident and creative.  

You utilize the world’s best cotton, Pima, from Peru. What makes this fabric so unique? Ah, the science lesson! Compared to regular cotton, Pima cotton has a longer fiber length. This longer fiber length is responsible for its durability, silky texture and incomparable smoothness. Pima is naturally resistant to pilling and is hypoallergenic. It’s the King of cottons and we let it reign!

Why are your pieces fitting for the Miami woman? My designs are perfect for all women, but especially for climates like that of South Florida, where the most important thing is breathability. Not only are my pieces made of breathable fabrics, they are durable enough to be thrown in the washer, dryer and infinite suitcases, yet delicate enough to remain airy and feminine.

Look into your crystal ball, what are the top trends for Fall?  Leather is a must — as in every season, in my opinion — for Fall 2013, think leather jackets, pants, shorts, vests, shells and tanks. Thigh-high riding boots, greens and greys, vests, tailored blazers and layering are huge, too. This fall, I plan to master the art of the beanie. Wish me luck! 

What’s the one item every woman should have in their closet? I think a great tee can take you very far. When you find it, get it in every color and hang it folded over like pants instead of from the shoulders. Worn under blazers, tucked into high-waisted slacks, over mini-dresses — the T-shirt will never be out of style.