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Silent disco party takes over Bass Museum at Fiat Urban Surf Party

The Beats After Sunset party, held on the first Friday of every month at the Bass Museum of Art, is always a great time for young art lovers to enjoy a night of music, drinks and culture. The museum is taking their event to the next level with the Fiat Urban Surf Party edition of Beats After Sunset this Friday, Aug. 2, from 8 to 11 p.m. 

For the party, the museum will have their regular outdoor dance party in addition to an indoor Silent Frisco party, which will be a dance party inside the museum where guests can listen to dance music using wireless headphones. The result is a dance party for those who are listening with headphones while those who opt out can enjoy a refuge from the thumping music (but we highly recommend joining in on the fun). The effect is super cool and a rare chance for Miamians to experience the silent dance party craze firsthand, which is all the rage in Los Angeles and San Francisco.Whether you choose to do the silent dance party inside or the booming outdoor party, DJ Antanas Jurksaitis from Rockit Sauce & DJ Seamaster will be behind the turntables providing the beats.

In addition, locals can sip on Reyka premium small-batch vodka from Iceland and Rex-Goliath Wine during the party while you check out the museum’s collection of art as well as the latest Fiat car which will be parked inside the museum. Adding to the fun is an afterparty at Rokbar, where all attendees of the party will get complimentary cocktails from 11-12 pm. Best of all, all of this is free. You’d be a fool to miss this event.