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John Waters
John Waters

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Film festivals in Miami are no different than any other event in Miami, being seen is half the reason for attending. Dark theatres complicate this task, but luckily MGLFF is sponsoring a number of events where patrons of this year’s festival can make their presence felt.

Admission to some of these events is limited to VIP Pass Holders or requires advanced purchase of expensive tickets. But don’t feel bad if you have yet to attain that sort of social or financial status.

A vaudeville act featuring John Waters, the offbeat and often foul-mouthed comedian whose work caused William Burroughs to refer to him as “The Pope of Trash.” will celebrate highlights from his career as a filmmaker, including his direction of the 1988 musical Hairspray which was later turned into a Broadway musical. “An evening with John Waters: The Filthy Word” take place on Friday, May 1 at 8 p.m. at the Lincoln Theater. Seats for this event range in price from $35-$100, depending on their proximity to John Waters.

Following the screening of Shank on Saturday, May 2 at 9:30 p.m., FIU Biscayne Bay is holding a reception with complementary wine and cocktails for all ticket holders.

And anyone willing to shell out a little extra cash for the sake of a good time, should consider buying a $15 ticket to the Closing Night Gala, which will take place at the Shore Club on Sunday, May 3 following the closing night film. It promises to fine ending to the festival.

— Kevin Craft