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Band of the Hour: Rosborough

Getting their start in Coral Gables on the pristine University of Miami campus, this young unsigned foursome of acoustic indie rockers are all about keeping things local. Rosborough’s moniker pays homage to Rosborough Tower, the building where the founders first roomed as freshmen on campus. They urge that we avoid the impersonal corporate sponsored mega concerts that regularly roll into town and rather head over to a local bar, save money, and have a great a time getting to know music created by the people of this city.

This band is all about the mentality of just having fun, minus the fanfare. Rounding out the low-key group are Billy Gerdts (guitar/vocals), Alexandra Gerdts (vocals), Brett Madsen (keyboard) and Scott Sanchez (bass). They’ve got a strong proclivity for local music, admiring Miami counterparts like Call It Radar, Ex Norwegian, Matilda Lights. On a broader level, they’re also influenced by The New Pornographers, She and Him, Fleetwood Mac, The Decemberists, and Regina Spektor.

Aiming to strike the right balance between emotion and intelligence is a challenge this group is eager to take on. “There are a whole slew of power ballads out there that try and force you to feel gushingly melodramatic – but they don’t work. They end up being played over the speakers in CVS and people tune them out while they’re getting their chips or whatever,” said Billy Gerdts matter of factly. Avoiding the opposite tendency to be cold and clinical, they strive for a balance of rich, colorful, elaborate and harmonic expression in each song.

The future for this quartet includes cutting an EP this summer, booking more gigs around town and even starting a web show on YouTube. Their musical journey will undoubtedly take them far from the hallowed halls of academia, so be sure to catch them around town. 

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