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Summer Skin Tips

Recently in town to toast the launch of ESPA‘s newest collection — Lifestage — we chat up ESPA Founder Sue Harmsworth on how to snag kissably soft skin in a snap. With over 40 years of experience in the beauty realm, Harmsworth is touted for being one of the greatest natural skincare line innovators. Here are her tips on getting sensuous skin for summertime:

1) After a season change, skin is dry and dehydrated. Exfoliating is really important.

2)  Upping serums and oils is very important — serums are very potent and quickly absorbed into the skin. Oil strengthens the skin. They also deflect harmful elements.

3) Moisturizer is key. Simply said, a good moisturizer stops moisture from coming out.

4) Contarray to popular belief, spritzing with water is actually dehydrating.

5) Good skins starts within. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

6)  It’s important to build a barrier  on the skin to protect it from chemicals — use serum, oil, moisturizer and then SPF. This creates strong, nourished skin.


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