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Dragonette takes over Grand Central

Tired of trying to choose from the typical nightclub music in Miami – hip-hop or house DJ? Why not check out Dragonette, a Canadian electro-pop band fronted by sultry female singer Martina Sorbara that takes the stage Friday night at Grand Central in downtown Miami?

The group – which has collaborated with several top DJs, including Martin Solveig and Kaskade – performs in support of its latest album, “Bodyparts.” Sorbara talked to about the show, having fans remix one of their songs, and recording a version of the “Mister Rogers” theme song for Target’s grand opening in Canada.

What does the band’s name mean?

[Laughs] Well, I thought I made up the word, but apparently it’s a kind of fish. I didn’t know that when I came up with it – but in my mind it’s like a sort of feminine beast.

So what’s a Dragonette show like?

The show has changed over the years, but right now we’re trying to bring more of a balance between acoustic and electronic instruments, and we’re having fun with that. But it’s a lively show, and I dance around.

 Will we hear anything new at the show?

Newer than our album? No, but we’ll be playing a lot from “Bodyparts,” plus a little of everything from all the albums.

You guys had thousands of fans remix your new single, “My Legs,” for a contest. What inspired that idea?

It’s fun to kind of tap into what ordinary people are doing with music. I think there are a lot of people at home on computers that are capable of so much, and you don’t really get to hear that. I’ve listened to tons of them, and there’s so much interesting stuff. It’s really fun to hear other people’s renditions of what you’ve done.

Have you guys performed in Miami before?

Yeah, a ton of times, but this is our first, like, proper show, where we get to show what we really do.

You guys have worked with some pretty prominent DJs. Is that kind of the sound or feel you’re striving for?

No, that’s not really where we come from. The DJ collaboration thing is kind of a side effect of making music that crosses over into that world. Working with DJs has informed what we do, but I think ultimately, all of our backgrounds are more organic and acoustic and songwriter-based.

What inspired you guys to do the Mister Rogers theme song for Target?

I don’t know – they just asked us, because they were opening up in Canada. And it was an interesting challenge, because it’s such an iconic song, and it was actually kind of mind-bending, in a way. It’s actually a waltz, and they didn’t want it to be a waltz – they wanted it to be a four-on-the-floor beat and re-imagined. And it was really hard – it wasn’t working at first. And then I realized I had to change all of the phrasing in order to make it go with music that wasn’t a waltz.