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Miami Fashion Film Festival Slated to Debut

Miami is getting a new film festival and this one is all about style and fashion. Coming this Fall, Miami Fashion Film Festival (MIAfff), will debut September 12-15, 2013 at O Cinema Wynwood. The 3 day event presents fans of film and fashion a close and colorful look at the creative and fast-paced world of the fashion industry through documentaries, shorts, and narratives films — produced both locally and internationally.


“Our overall mission is to collectively evolve and diversify the way we experience fashion in our community and expand the dialogue on fashion as a thematic extension of the arts. Fashion is much more than clothes. Fashion is an artistic and creative lifeline for many,” says Grace M. Castro, Founder of the Fashion Inspires More, a Miami-based fashion infused nonprofit arts organization. 

The film festival will include an exclusive kick-off party, a film costume and photography exhibit, guest speakers, a fashion show, pop-up shops, and a closing party. For more information and event updates, visit