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Wendy Williams to visit Books and Books, Coral Gables

When Wendy Williams was 13-years-old, she stood 5’11’’ and wore a size 11 shoe. She also loved hot pink.

“I remember being bigger, taller and blacker than everyone in school,” she wrote in her fist book Wendy’s Got Heat. “I was the outcast.” Today, Williams, 48, is in the midst of a fourth season of her nationally syndicated talk show “The Wendy Williams Show,” which airs live in Miami on WSVN at 10 am Monday through Friday, and she is set to release her sixth book in May, Ask Wendy, which plays off a segment on her show. She dishes out advice to fans about anything from what to do with a cheating partner to how to get that b!t*h of a best friend to payback the money that was borrowed.

It’s true, Williams is still a standout, but for a whole new reason. Beyond her nationally syndicated show, Williams is set to make her Broadway debut this summer in Chicago. In June, she will release her very own wig line. Then in July, we’ll see her line of home accessories. Last February, Williams played a news reporter in a Law and Order episode that was based on Rihanna’s and Chris Brown’s troubled relationship.

Seems as if those size elevens are fitting her quite nicely and so do the Christian Louboutin she was rocking on set the day I met with Williams.

“It isn’t till you get older, if you’re fortunate, that you really come into your own and you don’t mind sharing tips with other people,” Williams says about her latest book.

The New York Times best-selling author will signing her new book, “Ask Wendy” at the Coral Gables Books and Books located at 265 Aragon Ave. on Saturday, May 18, at 7 p.m. Williams will be speaking with audience members and of course offering advice.