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Erotically Speaking: Bohemia Room brings 11 years of poetry

The Bohemia Room has maintained a stronghold in the South Florida nightlife scene for 11 years. The monthly artist showcase features musical acts and poets from around the country. It’s owner, Ingrid B. Bazin, says success has everything to do with consistency.

“I keep the integrity of what the event is,” Bazin says. “Other people that start poetry nights come and go because they’re not dedicated to the poets.” Rather than depending on raw talent, promoters often focus on celebrities to bring in the crowd. “I support and promote poets and their poetry.” Bazin also serves as the event’s host.

This Saturday’s poetry night will take place in downtown Miami at Grand Central (697 N Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33136). Performances include a musical act by Honey Larochelle, a singer known for her edgy mash up of classic soul, R&B, hip-hop and reggae. Larochelle will perform songs from her most recent album, The Yes Feeling. Poet and hip-hop artist Komplex, who hails from D.C. and Atlanta-based poet, Dichotomy, will also take the stage.

Bazin admits that beyond consistency, there’s another reason why people enjoy attending the Bohemia Room. “We are uncensored, spoken word, def poetry style,” she says. “It’s not all flowers and roses.” This approach, not to mention the full bar and cozy living-room-meets-warehouse atmosphere, gets people in the door. She says attendees regularly travel from Palm Beach County, Broward and Miami-Dade to be entertained.

The Bohemia Room has something for everyone Bazin says. “This is from the revolutionary to the ratchet in terms of the subject matter.”