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The rocking dead


I ran into a friend at a party last week who asked me if I’d seen the new comedy/horror flick Zombieland. I told her I had not. She then proceeded to tell me – and these are the exact words which came from her mouth – that it’s “the best movie of the year by far.”

This friend has solid, though not unassailable, taste in movies but on this count I thought perhaps something had been eating her brain. Woody Harrelson, the movie’s “star,” hasn’t been funny since Kingpin and, let’s face it, the toupee did most of the work and his Zombieland sidekick is Jesse Eisenberg, aka the poor man’s Michael Cera.

Then, yesterday, I read Miami Herald film critic Rene Rodriguez’s missive on the zombie genre in general and Zombieland in particular (apparently even Harrelson thought the movie might suck), added to a quick spin around the interwebs and it seems Zombieland is a must see. I’m not saying I’ll run out to see it … but maybe more of a slow, undead-like shuffle.

Dig the trailer above and check out Rodriguez’s very fine article here.