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Electric Piquete

Self described fusionistas, Electric Piquete capture the perfect balance between Latin rhythms, funk and rock.  The Miami based pack chose their name in order to reflect a nod to electric rockers like Jimi Hendrix and Chick Corea while Piquete refers to the Spanish slang for a crew.

Band members Michael Mut (bass/MC), Ed Rosado (drums/percussion), Chris Core (guitar), Ozzy Reyes (tenor saxophone/percussion), Rich Dixon (trumpet/flugelhorn/percussion), John Normandin (trombone/percussion) have worked their way throughout the local scene for the last two years. Their sound is inspired by many locally based acts like Spam All Stars, Suenalo and Locos Por Juana as well others based further afield including Mars Volta, Ozomatli and The Police. An important wish of the group is for fans to appreciate all of the influences within their music and cover selection, and in turn to be as moved as the band is by other great acts (in a sort of musical “circle of life”).

Playing all over town, the members of Electric Piquete take great pleasure in seeing all the dancing, drinking and general merriment that occurs at their gigs. “The ones that do come out (we do wish there were more locals who support live music) seem to be passionate and have a deep appreciation for what we do. For that we are extremely humbled and grateful,” said Mut.

With a strong dose of percussion, their sound ranges from upbeat tunes like “Fonquetazo” to slow and jazzy songs with “Blues for Sophie.” If you would like to take a little bit of their sound with you, take advantage of a free download of their track “Cutty and Water Blues” currently on their website. Coming up for these rockers are a slew of shows in Miami this fall along with forthcoming studios sessions at Shack North Studios in Hialeah where the band will put together an album with friend and producer Ferny Coipel from Humbert.

Electric Piquete will perform at noon on Saturday, Sept. 19 at Festidan 2009 in Bicentennial Park, 1075 Biscayne Blvd, Miami; 305-358-7550. Admission is $20 per person. Visit their MySpace page at