What makes a great sub? This downtown Miami shop thinks it’s all about the dressing

Signature cold cut Vinaigrette Sub Shop in Miami.
Signature cold cut Vinaigrette Sub Shop in Miami. Linda Bladholm

Danny Serfer seems to have a thing for vinegar. Mignonette and now Vinaigrette Sub Shop. The chef of Blue Collar recently opened his sub station on the ground floor of the historic Alfred I. duPont building with business partner, attorney Ryan Roman. The chef and restaurateur grew up in Aventura and frequented a sub place called Kountry Korner with his parents and those sandwiches set the standard. As a law student at Florida State he realized his calling was culinary, and he went to the Cordon Bleu in Miramar. What sets the place apart is the attention to quality ingredients and speedy delivery.

Start With Salad

Leafy green salad at Vinaigrette Sub Shop. Linda Bladholm

Get the antipasto on shredded iceberg. The lettuce is topped with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, lightly spicy Calabrian salami from the toe of Italy, provolone and olives drizzled in house made vinaigrette. It is a blend of olive oil, red wine vinegar, crushed Calabrian chiles, Pecorino Romano cheese, herbs and secret spices. There’s also mixed greens tossed with tomatoes, onions and radishes in vinaigrette.

Share A Sub

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Signature cold cut Vinaigrette Sub Shop in Miami. Linda Bladholm

Classic subs come on a choice of an 8 or 12-inch white or whole wheat hoagies. Then choose your meat, cheese and toppings. There’s roast beef, Genoa salami and ham plus tuna salad. Cheeses include Swiss, muenster, cheddar, provolone and American.

Go wild with toppings and condiments. Select as many as you want from banana peppers, hot pepper spread, spicy Calabrian chile mayo, pickles, ballpark mustard or Dijon. For $2 extra get artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, pimento cheese, roasted peppers or pecorino with black truffle.

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Vinaigrette Sub Shop even has a vegan chickpea sub. Linda Bladholm

Vegetarians can get the fresh mozzarella and tomato sub with basil, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Vegans have the veggie with marinated artichokes, roasted peppers, pickled carrots and vegan vinaigrette (no cheese). The chick pea vegan sub is stuffed with a mix of mashed and whole garbanzos seasoned with diced onion, cumin, paprika and parsley. It includes thin strips of pickled carrot, Dijon mustard and vegan vinaigrette. Italian specialties come on an 8-inch sesame seeded roll from a local bakery. All come with finely shredded lettuce, mayo and vinaigrette.

Roast beef sub at Vinaigrette Sub Shop in downtown Miami. Linda Bladholm

The Vinaigrette sub is stacked with prosciutto, mortadella, spicy salami, soppressata and grated truffled pecorino. The Italian has French ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni and provolone. Staying in the toe of the boot, there’s the Calabrian Salami with scamorza, a firmer cousin to mozzarella. All subs can be personalized, just don’t take too much time ordering when there is a line out the door.

Save Room for Dessert

Large home made chocolate chip cookies and brownies hit the spot.

If You Go:

Place: Vinaigrette Sub Shop

Address: 159 E Flagler Street, downtown Miami (across from the Olympia theater)

Contact: 786-558-5989,

Hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

Prices: Classics $6-$12, Italian $11-$15, vegan/vegetarian $7-$11, salads $7-$11, desserts $3