Slurp-worthy noodles are the star at this Hong Kong style eatery

Duck soup at Ohho Noodles Market
Duck soup at Ohho Noodles Market Handout

When in the mood for Asian-style noodles use your noodle and head to Ohho Noodle Market near the University of Miami, where it lures students and foodies with low prices.

Slurp or twirl noodle dishes here, where slurping shows your delight. Housed in a revamped Burger King building, the interior transports you to a noodle stall on the streets of Hong Kong with wood tables and graffiti. Behold an ad for a 1930s cigarette girl, Chinese opera singers and a giant pig above the counter, where you can sit and watch the wok action.

The urban, edgy concept is by restaurateur Jack Punma, who wanted a place he’d like to hang out in. He recruited executive chef Yodpao “Teddy” Rerkmuang who is from Hat Yai in Southern Thailand and graduated from culinary school in Bangkok. The restaurant’s name comes from the Asian expression “oh ho!” meaning “wow!”

Start With These Dishes

Egg noodles in yellow curry broth at Ohho Noodles Market Handout

Dim sum is a good way to plunge in. Get shrimp dumplings steamed in thin dough cups or baked barbecue pork buns. Hoi tod, listed as pan-fried green mussels, brings crispy rice flour pancake bits embedded with New Zealand mussels. For the full experience, dip in the tangy chile sauce. Isan sausage is a specialty from northeastern Thailand made from a ground mixture of lightly fermented rice and pork. Sliced thin and served with lettuce leaf wraps, it a perfect snack with a beer.

Share These Dishes

Fried mussels at Ohho Noodles Market Handout

Order a spread for the table. There’s Korean galbi short ribs served with udon noodles. Miso sha shu mein are steamed ramen in miso broth with fish balls, stewed pork and an egg.

Chicken or beef pho and Hong Kong duck is a popular dish. This brings mahogany crisp-skinned roast duck atop skinny yellow egg noodles. Khanom jin kang keow wann is a Thai dish made with rice vermicelli in green curry with chicken, Thai basil, peppers and eggplant. Singapore laksa lemak is creamy coconut milk soup with rice noodles, tofu puffs, a hard cooked egg, shrimp and chicken.

In Asia noodle soups are meant to be customized, so add chile oil, pickled jalapeno or a squeeze of lime for acidity. For rice get classic Hainanese chicken, poached and served with the broth and ginger sauce. There’s also pork tonkatsu on rice and hot stone Korean bibimbap with a sunny-side-up egg. After a meal here you’ll be saying “oh ho!” that was tasty.

Save Room For Dessert

The show stoppers are the Korean- and Japanese-style honey toasts. Thick slices of white bread are baked and formed into square bowls soaked in honey syrup and stuffed with green tea ice cream.

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Ohho Noodles Market

Address: 1100 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables

Contact: 305-663-5881,

Hours: 11 a.m-11 p.m. daily

Prices: Appetizers $6-$10, noodle dishes $10-$14, rice dishes $8-$22, desserts $3-$10

F.Y.I. Beer and wine available