First look: Lifefood Gourmet

Tastiness from Life Food Gourmet. Photo: Michael Schott.
Tastiness from Life Food Gourmet. Photo: Michael Schott.

The Goods: Being green and being healthy is more popular than ever. Luckily, Miami has a new crop of healthy spots popping up all over town, and one of the latest additions is Lifefood Gourmet in The Roads. Located on the second floor of a small building in a quiet, residential neighborhood about a mile away from the hustle-and-bustle Brickell, the small bistro seats about 22 people. Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Coldplay come through the speakers, complimenting the mellow, thoughtful vibe of Lifefood perfectly.

The Grub: The name says it all, as the” cuisine resembles what many know as raw food, meaning none of it is cooked so it retains all its nutrients. Lifefood is also a wholly vegan restaurant. Start off by sharing an appetizer sampler, which includes cheese nachos made with flaxseed and irish moss. The Mother of all Lasagna — layers of macadamia pine nut alfredo sauce, spinach, pumpkin pesto cheese, Irish moss mozzarella and tortilla instead of pasta — is a crowd favorite. At $18, the lasagna is also the most expensive item on the menu. Other popular menu items are the salads, pizzas and the “Fall in Love” cupcake.

The Verdict: Chef and co-owner John Schott understands that people need to love the taste of all his vegan menu to keep eating healthy and coming back for more. The dishes deliver on taste, and the food is filling but not heavy. Healthy, delicious and affordable: a definite triple threat.

377 SW 15th Rd. (Broadway), 2nd floor; 786-587-2223; open noon-9 p.m., Thurs-Sun

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Published: 6/08