Pirolo's Panino introduces Eating House chef/owner Giorgio Rapicavoli's 'guest' sandwich

There’s lots of activity, er, popping up from Michael Pirolo’s eponymous Panino pop-up inside Macchialina these days. Say that ten times fast and then reward yourself with The Broccoli Cheesesteak, a $12 ‘guest chef sandwich’ created by Eating House owner/chef Giorgio Rapicavoli from Thursday, August 1 through Saturday, August 31. The “hearty hoagie” features charred broccoli, fontina fondue and burnt pickled onions on an artisan sourdough baguette. Between that and the Banh Mi(lano), among other popular panini, we wondered if the place would actually pop down at the end of August or become, perhaps, a more permanent fixture on the food scene. “It’s supposed to, yes,” said publicist Ali Jeffries. Some of us were also supposed to be taller than five feet, but, alas . . .