SushiSamba in Coral Gables starts daily breakfast service

The new SushiSamba in Coral Gables, which opened in May in the Westin Colonnade, is the first of seven in the chain to offer breakfast service.

“Being part of the hotel and in a business area, it made sense for us to try breakfast here,” said Joanna Cisowska, SushiSamba’s New York-based publicist who was in town this week for the new menu’s launch.

Tying Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese elements into coherent breakfast dishes — no, sushi is not a morning option — took time. Cisowska said chef Brian Nasajon tinkered with different ingredient and plating combinations for months until finding a balance between fresh, artful and flavorful.

Nasajon incorporates Peruvian red quinoa into flaked oatmeal. The pops of quinoa kernels and juicy sweetness of brandy-soaked currants take traditional oatmeal a step higher. He also locks in layers of flavors in his breakfast dumplings, a plate of little omelet-wrapped packets of chorizo meat, served with sweet grilled onions, a bracing avocado-cilantro puree and a spicy rocoto pepper jam.

Cool, refreshing, mixed-juice batidas are a pleasant accompaniment to breakfast. You choose one ingredient from each of four categories — water, milk, fruit and “enhancers” like ginger or kale — and Samba zips them up for you in a blender and serves it up in a tall glass.

Sushi Samba in Coral Gables is open for breakfast daily from 7 a.m.