Pinkberry brings Greek frozen yogurt to South Beach

As summer heats up, a swirled frozen yogurt cup or waffle cone hits the spot at Pinkberry. Two months ago, the company added thick, unfrozen Greek yogurt plus two savory toppings perfect for those who crave salty over sweet.

The new Ocean Drive shop and two other franchises in Miami are co-owned by David Beall and his dad, Sandy, who owns Blackberry Farm in the foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. The senior Beall worked at a Pizza Hut when he was 17, and was left $20,000 in his boss’ will with the stipulation he use it to start a restaurant, which he did: Ruby Tuesday.

David was born in Knoxville and grew up in restaurants. He studied business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and went into finance in New York. After a visit to the SoHo Pinkberry he went to L.A., where the company is based, and made a successful pitch to become a franchisee.

Greek yogurt can be topped in cucumber and mini sunflower seed crackers with olive oil, sea salt and chile powder or grape tomatoes and fresh basil with balsamic glaze for yogurt salads.

The parfait layers Greek or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and honey almond granola. Smoothies are whirled with frozen or Greek yogurt in combos of mixed berry, strawberry-pomegranate, and pineapple-coconut.

Frozen yogurt flavors rotate by season. Currently there’s mango, kiwi-strawberry, chocolate berry, cookies and cream, salted caramel, coffee, Nutella and green tea, all tangy and refreshing.

Toppings include berries, shaved chocolate, cereals, nuts, crushed cookies, and mini mochi. Toppers cost extra but are unlimited as long as they fit in the cup. Any fro-yo can be drizzled in cinnamon honey, chocolate sauce or caramel to sweeten the goodness of this cult yogurt.