Original Burger & Beer owner launches Epicurator, "the ultimate collection of food porn"

A mashup of Instagram, Yelp and Foodspotting, Epicurator, launching Friday, July 12, is a free mobile app in which users can upload food and drink pix, rate them on a scale from “Blegh” to “Foodgasm”, share them, praise them, categorize them, explore them, and, do this all over the world. The more recommendations you  make, the higher up you go on the app’s leaderboard of Epicurators.

Co-founded by original Burger & Beer Joint owner Buzzy Sklar, the app, he says, is an intuitive diner-focused experience. ‘Really amazing food is meant to be shared and we want to simplify the way you discover food. We want Epicurator to  the ultimate collection of food porn that will [sic] wet your appetite.” 

Among the app’s features:

• A simple UI making it easy to visually search through dishes

• pinch and zoom feature for a detailed view of images and a double-­‐click like feature

• restaurant info page featuring menus, pricing, addresses, driving directions, phone numbers, dish ratings, hours of

operations and links websites

• over 400,000 real restaurant menus, for easy to label and simple ordering when you find a dish you fancy

• geolocation features to discover restaurants both near and far

• gamification features and leaderboard to compete with friends

• and easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter

To start starving your friends’ Instagram timelines of all your fabulous foodstuffs, download the app Friday here.