Barley & Swine opening Saturday in Downtown Dadeland

Not since The Muppet Show and maybe Babe has the pig been so de rigueur. Joining the porcine ranks of Miami’s culinary coterie is Barley & Swine, whose tagline “Praise the Lard,” had some of us, ahem, snorting with laughter. Opening Saturday, Barley & Swine, located at the Metropolis condo, pays homage to pork with a swine-centric menu including, among other things: Sriracha pig ear chicharon; crispy chimichuri pig tails; pork belly; and a Thursday suckling pig porchetta night ($18). But it’s not entirely piggish. Other dishes include Southern fried oysters; fried bone marrow; beef cheek tacos; and assorted pastas, burgers and sliders. Some will recognize B&S’s chef/owner Jorgie Ramos from his short lived Pinecrest gastropub, The Joint.