Hidden Gem: LIFE Natural Foods

Life Natural Foods.
Life Natural Foods.

So, I really wanted to love The Bible Bar. The ingredients were said to be from the Old Testament Book of Deuteronomy: wheat, barley, vines (raisins), figs, pomegranates, olive oil, and honey. But I didn’t it. It was hard and a little cardboard-y.

However, salvation lies in several other products: the tasty, filling zucchini and carrot breads and the sulfur-less dried apricots that taste and look like dried plums.

LIFE Natural Foods is tucked behind a plaza on Northeast 8th Ave. and 125th St. near The City of North Miami building.  It’s like a little rain forest of Acai juices, raw cashews, organic apple rings, oils, vitamins, and health-themed books.

The venue smells of dried herbs and years passed. The owner Dorothy Glauser who has owned the venue for 25 years, used to be owner of North Beach’s The Healthy Hut. She proudly showed me an elderly Miami Herald article dated Feb. 17, 1983. A young, pretty Glauser is front and center of the piece entitled: “Enough corned beef on rye, already; try something healthy for a change”.

Locals who can’t find bags of dried lavender or jars of organic honey at the nearby Publix will appreciate being able to shop here. Prices are less than Whole Foods, but more than nearby President Supermarket. Plus, can you really find organic quinoa and cranberry nectar at President?

LIFE Natural Foods 12501 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, 305-891-5808