BondSt sushi at The Townhouse closing Sunday to make way for high end, European-style pub

BondSt, the NYC-originated place some said had the best sushi in South Beach since it opened long, long ago in 2000, “better than Nobu,” according to many on one of those reviewer websites, “1 of our very best, original sexy sushi joints in #Miami,” tweeted Miami Herald food critic Victoria Pesce Elliott, has closed. According to The Townhouse Hotel website, we must “stay tuned for what’s up and coming” in its place. We contacted the hotel and were told that, yes, the restaurant is closing on Sunday and then “something different is going to open.” Hotel Director Natalie Kramer confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it’s true. BondSt. is leaving, but we’re excited!” Different may be debatable considering the new place is going to be a “high-end, European-style pub/lounge,” Kramer says, adding “We’ll have ‘health conscious’ appetizers such as grass-fed sliders.” Said Facebook commenter Christopher Parsons, “Hmmm, Cooper Ave., South St. and now Bond St. Amir [Ben-Zion] should stop naming his restaurants after streets.”