Midtown's Acme Bakery closing April 28

Following rumors of its early demise, Midtown’s Acme Bakery confirms that it is closing on April 28 after revealing it can’t afford its exorbitant, allegedly $10,000 a month lease. For a brief time, the team behind The Federal Food, Drinks & Provisions was involved as partners, but that partnership was dissolved last November and has since been entangled in legalese.

The restaurant posted this on their social media networks:

We thank all the Acme fans and supporters as well as those frustrated by the slow service and other inescapable minutia. Perhaps we were a few years early for great bread; maybe we were in the wrong place; possibly our overhead was too high and ambitious; and then again maybe it’s just this business. My most heartfelt thanks goes to our suppliers and partners (Panther, Cheney, Jojo Tea, American Food Equipment, Chef’s Warehouse, to name a few…) and especially to our staff who have stuck with Acme, all the while knowing its fate, like the gilded professionals they are (regardless if they may forget your cream time to time… but proof, to restaurateurs everywhere, that if you treat your employees right you don’t have to close your doors unexpectedly on them without warning for fear they’ll jump ship prematurely).

Not letting go without a proper send off, Acme is having  a “Going Away Brunch Bash” from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday during which time all breads are 50% off.