Scottsdale-based Mastro's Restaurant group in--and out--of China Grill space

After a year of emptiness in the space formerly known as China Grill, a new spot was about to take residency until some noise ordinance issues forced them back to the West Coast. Mastro’s, a Scottsdale based seafood and steakhouse was almost a done deal to open at 404 Washington until some construction noise complaints filed with Miami Beach code compliance caused them to pack up and go. Or so says our sources. We did find a noise complaint filed on January 26, 2013–something to do with a noisy generator. According to the source, Mastro’s pulled out about 2 weeks ago, once again leaving a gaping hole at the corner of 5th and Washington. We do hear, however, that some other eyes are on the space, so who knows, maybe Applebee’s can remodel in a quieter fashion than a flashy West Coast steakhouse—something the area is definitely devoid of. Next!