New Pubbelly venture: PB Station in downtown

Photo: Juan Fernando Ayora
Photo: Juan Fernando Ayora

The Pubbelly Boys have crossed the bridge.

The newest concept from the chefs behind Miami Beach’s Pubbelly empire is PB Station, which opened April 4 inside the Langford Hotel in downtown Miami. Squint your eyes at the menu, says chef executive Jose Mendin, and you’ll find traces of the defunct but much-beloved PB Steak.

It’s also the official debut of their rooftop bar, Pawn Broker, which fill feature finger food made by the PB Station kitchen, manned by Mendin’s longtime friend and colleague Guillermo Concha, who was the executive chef at PB Steak.

“You’re going to find some of the classics from PB Steak,” Mendin said. “We moved the concept and made it a lot better.”

PB Station

121 SE 1st St, Miami