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One Night Stand: Fridays @ Heathrow

Photo: Tomas Loewy.
Photo: Tomas Loewy.

You’ve never been one to stand in lines, which could explain why the closest you’ve been to SoBe on a Friday night is watching Tivo-recorded episodes of Miami Ink. But, one night at newly opened Heathrow Lounge – South Beach’s best-kept secret (for now) – will have you crossing the causeway before your record light turns red.

Once cleared through the gates and checked off the list (not a requirement to grant access, but definitely makes the process speedier), it doesn’t matter if your Bentley is parked out front or if you just rode up on your scooter — everyone is a VIP as this new sough-after spot. Upon entering, there’s an instant feeling of “welcome home,” which sets the perfect tone for the 20 and 30-something hipsters to accomplish what they came for – to get down.

The gothic-style mansion has an alluring Clue-board-game-like design featuring dimly lit street lamps and dramatic chandeliers that will have you guessing what – and who – you’ll come across next. Just when you think Miss Scarlet is plotting her murder with the candlestick, she is, in fact, shooting Patron with Colonel Mustard upstairs in the club’s A Clockwork Orange-inspired Milk Room.

After being hypnotized by the refreshingly innovative design, you’ll notice that this Washington Avenue lounge keeps music center stage. The downstairs area often features live music, such as famed U.K. DJ Jamie Lidell, while upstairs boasts a diverse playlist — everything from old school hip-hop to new wave and even a little 80s pop. The contagious energy combined from “I love this song!” tunes and flowing cocktails has you quickly forgetting your sub-par dancing skills, climbing to the top of one of the many booths and throwing your hands up to profess your love to the DJ (and maybe the random person next to you).

At some South Beach hot spots, like [insert cheesy club here], it’s easy not to feel part of the elitist crowd. At Heathrow Lounge, however, belting a duet to Biggie’s “Juicy” with your new best friend from the line outside is more common than, say, winning a game of Clue.

Heathrow Lounge, 681 Washington Ave, Miami Beach; 305-534-7614

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Published: 7/08