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Velvet underground: July 10-16

Emi Guerra (left) loves him some hotel pre-parties. Photo: Cintia Saúl.
Emi Guerra (left) loves him some hotel pre-parties. Photo: Cintia Saúl.

Suite/Snatch, Karu & Y, Oxygen, Cielo and Dek 23: R.I.P. Not exactly encouraging news for the so-called nightlife capital of the country, if not the world. We decided to ask those who shape our nightlife scene if we should all just stay at home and watch reruns of Celebrity Circus. Thankfully, it’s not all doomsday:

“Those who knew what they were doing stayed, those who didn’t left. Space and Cameo have both been around for eight years and counting. Fact is some of those clubs should have never opened in the first place. Except for Pawn Shop, all the other clubs were just copying what already existed in the market.”

— Luis Puig, owner/operator Vice Ventures (Cameo, Vice, Space, Parkwest, Rehab)

“Parallel with the economy, clubs and restaurants have been struggling to stay afloat and at the end of the day only the strong will survive.”

— Lance Tinkler, co-owner of B.E.D.

”When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. Recessions breed amazing creativity and revolutionary thought, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing innovations in nightlife. Everyone should take a breath and have a drink (at Mansion, naturally), as this too shall pass!”

— Eric Milon, owner, Opium Group (Opium Garden, Privé, Set, Mansion)

“The days of the cover charge at nightclubs are definitely numbered with hundreds of parties offering free entrance and free drinks. At The Fifth, we are fortunate to have a successful corporate event business that helps balance the reality of the current situation. Nightlife/nightclubs needs to be multi-use at present to exist.”

— Gerry Kelly, partner, The Fifth

“Miami is so cyclical. Blame it on our A.D.D., but [we’re] also creatures of habit. So while we love new places to change it up a bit, we always seem to go back to tried and true places. This year we got an instant classic like Florida Room. But the Beach is no longer the only game in town. Downtown, Design District and Wynwood are turning up the nocturnal dial. White Room and Vagabond are so much fun. And the new 2800 in Wynwood is going to be amazing.

“One thing we have to get away from is hiring D-list reality stars to host parties. The Beach used to be all about the production and never paying for celebs.”

— Nick D’Annunzio, principal, Tara, Ink Public Relations

“When times get tough, people like to revert to things that bring them comfort. The economy will come back and hopefully after the election the American people will regain their confidence and start traveling, buying, eating out en mass again. Choose wisely where you want to spend your hard-earned dollars — I know I do. Hang on, the tides will change. They always do.”

— James Davis, aka Elaine Lancaster

“South Beach has become an over-saturated market where many new spaces open, often with questionable taste, which makes them simply unmemorable. We decided to go back to basics with Heathrow Lounge and offer great music, cool staff, specialty liquor bottles and four UK-inspired rooms where debauchery is highly encouraged.”

— Jose Ortiz, partner/creative director, Heathrow Lounge

“Clubs will always open and close, it’s the nature of the business. However, I believe that Miami is probably the most diversified it’s ever been. Every hotel has pre-parties and pool parties and most major venues are open 5 days a week.”

— Emi Guerra, partner, Vice Ventures

“I’ve been in Miami for 10 years and I have to say, the Bar Room days were the good ol’ days! We had a slump in nightlife just after the new millennium hit, but slowly I feel like we’re getting back to that niche of locals only again. South Beach is a party city and no city can compare to it.”

— Beau Beasley, socialite