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Clink: Champagne with a twist

Champs Lime.
Champs Lime.

At Lincoln Road’s Raphael Restaurant, they know al fresco diners need more than ice water to combat the summer heat. That’s why they offer an array of simple champagne drinks to accompany the French-inspired cuisine. Says French-born owner David Lehmy, “I wanted to create a cocktail menu that was representative of this energetic city we live in by keeping the drinks breezy and sexy — because who just has one?”


Champs Lime: (That’s Champs as in Champs Elysées): Fill a chilled martini glass with rosé champagne. Add a small scoop of lime sorbet. Poke a short straw into the sorbet to create a lollipop effect. (A variation, the Mademoiselle Raphael, uses strawberry sorbet.)

St. Tropez Swimming Pool: Fill a chilled wine glass halfway with rosé champagne. Pour 2 ounces peach-flavored tea (such as Crystal Light) into a small pitcher or sauciére. Add a handful of ice to the wine glass and serve the tea on the side.


The drinks are about $10 at Raphael Restaurant, 530 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-673-1139

Published: 7/08