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One Night Stand: Takeout Tuesdays @ Buck 15

Takeout Tuesdays at Buck 15. Photo: Jipsy.
Takeout Tuesdays at Buck 15. Photo: Jipsy.

Remember the days when hip-hop was about dance battles, clever rhymes and rallying against the corporate life? Buck 15 does, and wants you to kick it old school with them in the form of Takeout Tuesdays.

Most think the night is named so because it’s as comforting as a takeout dinner, or maybe because Buck 15 is nestled above a Chinese restaurant (Miss Yip’s, to be exact). But promoters like to leave it up for interpretation. “Everyone and everybody is welcome here,” says the insightful brainchild behind the event, b-boy, DJ and skater extraordinaire Keen One. The NYC transplant (via Laos and Atlanta) brings a gritty urban flair to a normally prim and proper South Beach scene. Describing the regular crowd, Keen One mentions that they’re, “open-minded people with love for real hip-hop, music lovers, lovers, haters, party animals, celebs, hipsters, model chicks, b-boys, b-girls and sneakerheads.”

With wacky art displays, flea market furniture, wood paneling and graffiti-strewn walls, Buck 15 sets the perfect scene for impromptu b-boy battles and kicking back with friends new and old. For those near the bar, chances are you’ll catch the majority of the crowd keeping it simple with their drink orders. This isn’t a place for fruity, cleverly named cocktails, as Heineken and Jack and Coke are the tipples of choice for this artsy crowd. Craving a snack? The colorful bags of chips on display will no doubt take you back to your childhood. Frito-Lay’s anyone?

On the dance floor, it’s a mix of funk, soul, reggae, dancehall and the best old school hip-hop. Boasting some of the best rotating DJs in Miami, Takeout Tuesdays welcomes the experts to the decks: Craze, Tom Laroc, K- Razor, Contra and Doormouse, along with special guest DJs such as 9th Wonder and Jeru The Damaja.

Keen One maintains that the three-year-old event is “an outlet to have a place that plays real hip-hop, no prestigious attitude, just [a place to] lay back to have a great time and a great house party vibe.”

Buck 15, 707 Lincoln Lane, Miami; 305- 534-5488

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Published: 7/08