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Steve Lawler

British DJ Steve Lawler is known for his CD series – “Dark Drums,” “Lights Out” and “Viva” – which feature styles ranging from tribal house to filthy techno. He’s also known for his wild, transcendent live performances; in fact, his parties at Space in Ibiza earned him the nickname “King of Space” (veteran Miami clubbers will remember some epic sets at our own Space as well).


What can we expect from your six-hour set at your “Lights Out” 10th anniversary party?

Everything on the “Lights Out” album I’ll play – all re-edited by myself. They’ll be some old ones from “Lights Out” parties over the past 10 years. And overall a journey through the darker sounds of my record box.


How about at the “Viva Music” party at Karu & Y? Will they be significantly different?

The reason why we called it “Our Music” is because it’s a statement from each and every DJ – it’s the music from our collective. “Lights Out” is about my sound – this is about OUR sound. The event will have a carnival vibe with so many different artists playing across four rooms. 


Are there any parties you’re planning to check out? Any DJs you don’t want to miss?

At the moment, I haven’t thought about others. The past four years I’ve done eight parties in four days. This year, I decided to do my own two parties as an exclusive thing and not play anywhere else. I just wanted to focus on my own parties. I kind of feel everyone does too many gigs in one week now.


How many WMCs have you attended?

This will be my 14th.


Is it still as much fun now as your first time?

Absolutely! In fact, if I am completely honest, I think it’s more fun now than it was 14 years ago. It’s very different – 14 years ago it was only full of industry, and the industry knows how to party, but the parties were a lot smaller back then. Now there is a lot more choice.  A crazy, crazy week – which is a good thing!


Ever get into any trouble during WMC week?

Last year, the “Lights Out” party got closed down because the venue had filled it out too much. I got on the mic and made a joke about the enforcement not appreciating good music. It didn’t go down too well!


You’ve done “Dark Drums,” then “Lights Out,” then “Viva.” What’s next?

I somewhat feel that this “Lights Out” compilation is the last mix comp I want to do for a while. My next record will be my album, of my own music. A mix comp for me is such a big job, as I re-edit every track.


Describe the perfect day for you at WMC – how would that go?

My perfect day would be to wake up without a hangover, go to the beach, drink a few beers, spend time sunbathing, go out for dinner, go to my gig, play for 10 hours and party until the next day.

Steve Lawler – Almerina /// Harthouse Records 2010 by Steve LAWLER