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Bob Sinclar

French superstar DJ Bob Sinclar (not “Sinclair,” thank you) produces an infectious blend of house and world music, with a touch of that Daft Punk-like disco vibe. Other than selling out clubs all over the world, he’s best known for his hit anthems “Love Generation” and “World, Hold On.” Lately, he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Reggae Album, of all things, for his “Made In Jamaica” effort, which features reggae remakes of some of his biggest tracks. Catch Sinclar Friday night at SET and Saturday at the Pacha Ibiza party at the Shelborne.


Are you excited to come back to Miami?

Yeah, you know what? I just bought a club in Miami – I’m a part of it. We are three French guys, and we are gonna bring back again Amnesia at the same place that it was. It was Opium Garden after that for five years, I think. So we’re gonna open the club the 21st of October, and it’s gonna be a huge thing for me because it’s a dream. As a DJ, I always dreamed to make my own club, just to make it as I think it’s the best for a DJ to play inside a club. It’s gonna be a huge project, and I love Miami so much, and it’s the right place to do it. You have people from all around the world coming, and they’re all coming for some type of event – for the boats, the races, Art Basel, for Winter Music Conference, for the comedy festival. So during the whole year, something is happening, and they all want to party.


And what I’ve seen over the past three or four years, is that only VIPs are allowed to come into clubs. And this is exactly what I don’t want. We miss now a mix of a different crowd, from Latino to all kinds of reggae to other things coming together just to make a party.


What do you think of the drama surrounding WMC and Ultra this year?

The thing about the Conference is that it’s very transient this year, because of the split. They used to do these things together, and it was more convenient for all the people and the DJs who want to play. But I think now Ultra is bringing more people than the Winter Music Conference. The conference used to be the place to be maybe 10 years ago – I used to arrive with my vinyl and my bag and my pass, and you used to be allowed to enter every club. Now, it’s not the case anymore.


Do you get tired of people misspelling your name?

No, my friend, as long as people remember my name, I’m happy. It’s pronounced SinCLAR, like in “car.” But if they remember SinCLAIR, tha’s OK – they’ll still remember my music, and the clubs are packed.