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Happy Birthday Amerie

She’s performed on stages all over the world, bringing her young, soulful voice to the crowds; she’s played roles on the big screen, and her albums have sold millions of copies. Her latest album In Love and War has rocked the airways with hits Pretty Brown, Why R U, Heard ‘Em All, and more; but tonight it’s on. International R&B sensation Amerie celebrates her birthday tonight at Mansion!

International Wednesdays at Mansion is always guaranteed to be a great time; with DJ Konflikt and Damaged Goods on the decks, you won’t want to sit down. Tonight Lyndon Smith, Jason Odio and Gaudi Castro will host this very special birthday celebration. Advance tickes are available at, they’ll cost you about $20 with a $3 service charge. Dress code is trendy chic, unescorted guys have a more difficult time getting in reservations and bottle purchases are encouraged. Prices at the door are $20, but may go up if it gets seriously packed.  

International Wednesdays is one of my favorite Wednesday night parties and has a long history of success. No matter what mood I’m in, I always have a great time and somehow end up dancing on the poles.  The music is insane, just how I like it; some house, electro, mix in some top 40 hits, and hip hop. Tonight it’s all about Amerie, help her blow out the candles and wish her a happy birthday at Mansion!