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Snooki heats it up at Opium

Snooki from MTV’s hit reality show, Jersey Shore; was the hostess with the most at Opium Hard Rock this past weekend as she kept the party hot during what was possibly the coldest weekend in South Florida. If you are not familiar with the show, it’s just like MTV’s The Real World, but follows the lives of a group of young adults as they co-op and share a summerhouse down in the Jersey Shore.

The group works at the shore during the day, but when nightfall comes it’s all about fist pumping, drinking, and having a great time. Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) has been one of the more popular cast members and has been at the center of a few episodes. Whether it’s her amazing back flips in a club or putting it down on a “linebacker”, this chick is all about having fun and living it up.

We caught up with her, got the inside scoop about her newfound stardom, found out what she had to say about the show, and what’s in store for the future (a possible second season).

How have you liked being a part of the show?

Honestly, I never expected it to be this big, and the fact that I can go out and get paid for partying, what I do every night; It’s insane. I always knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when and now that I am doing it, it’s awesome!

What has it been like being invited to be a guest on talk shows such as Conan? 

Conan (O’Brien of The Tonight Show) was so funny. Honestly that was the only talk show that I was like nervous to go on. He is so funny and I watch him all the time. I was like ‘Oh my God, I’m on Conan’, so when I got on I was with the Situation and I think we did a good job.

Do you still hang out and party with your cast mates? 

Oh yeah, I love all my cast mates. We do a lot of press, magazine shoots, so we the fact that we are together that much has brought us that much closer.

Being as close as you are with your mom, how has she reacted to seeing you on the show with all your housemates, the partying, and all the drama?

My mom, she wasn’t herself when she visited. She’s very quiet. She’s the toal opposite of me. I am more like my dad. My dad is insane – he likes to drink, have a great time. So when my mom came, they didn’t show this, but I had to drag her to the bar and give her a couple margaritas to have her loosen up in front of the cameras because she isn’t used to that. But I am glad they showed that my mom is a big part of my life.

What do you think of this crazy cold weather we are having in Miami. Were you expecting it?  

No, not at all. You know what, I packed bikinis, I packed shorts, freakin’ short skirts. I got out and was like, wait, am I still in New York, where am I, am I in Buffalo or Florida? WTF?

How do you compare the Miami guys to the Jersey guys?

I haven’t met them or seen the Miami guys yet, but I am hoping to see.

What’s your favorite spot when you’re in Miami?  

I honestly don’t have a favorite spot. I just go wherever. I go wherever anybody takes me. I always have a good time. If it’s a wack bar I am going to make it a good bar. I don’t care who is there, as long as I am having a good time.

What’s the definition of a “Guido”and “Guidette”? 

There’s a lot of derogatory terms, like a lot of people are getting pissed off about it. Honestly, it’s a lifestyle. It’s pretty much you like to go out, you like to have a good time, you like to look good, get your eyebrows waxed, have to go tanning. You have to have the big hair, just have to know how to work it, and a lot of people can’t do that. So that’s why when people see us they are like what the F*** are these kids doing.

What are your future plans? 

All the cast is hoping to get a second season. We’re hoping. I’m crossing my fingers, but eventually my ultimate goal right now is to get my own reality show, and I pitched it on Conan, “Lookin for Love”. I want a freaking boyfriend. I want someone committed. I want to get married in a couple years, so I need to find that guy and I haven’t found him yet. I feel like I am cursed.

Are you planning on getting buck wild tonight?

Obviously! I mean, come on, I’m in Florida. No drama! I just want party and have a great time!

Snooki did as she said and partied like a rockstar at Opium. She danced on the DJ booth, broke it down in her VIP area, and sipped away on her favorite drink – Southern Comfort. She rocked it, had a great time on the mic, and best of all, there was no drama, just as she likes it.

Catch Snooki and the rest of her castmates Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.