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Bob Sinclar, Born in 69' Tour

It’s a love generation, Bob Sinclar is back with a new album, Born in 69; tonight he brings his tour to Mansion for what’s sure to be one of the best LIVE performances this year! Last time he was on tour promoting his Soundz of Freedom album I was there to see him do his thing and all I have to say is AMAZING!!! I was lucky enough to be backstage and stood right next to the DJ booth, overlooking all of Miami’s finest moving out of control to every beat of the music. Hands were in the air, girls on tables, champagne everywhere; not one person in the entire place was sitting. It was beyond spectacular.  

Tonight he promises to bring that same intense energy back to Mansion as he performs tracks off his latest album. His new album is all about bringing the magic of vintage sound combining it with funk and pop, put simply he’s dropping that funky beat and getting the party started!  His performances are nothing short of an adventure, he knows just how to read the crowd and make their bodies pump to the rhythm and groove to his melodic beats.  Alongside will be Miami’s own Laurent Simeca.

Tickets for this remarkable event can be purchased ahead of time at and will run you about $52. Tonight it definitely will be beyond packed, I am not one for arriving early, but for this event I would. The line will be insane and tickets at the door will most likely go up. Table reservations will sell out fast and will be a pretty penny. If you are a music lover like me, this is the event to be at. Stay warm, shake and pop; let Bob Sinclar take you on journey through music, back in time to the day he was Born in 69′!