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Dallas Austin Rocks it at Louis

This week is just another hectic week in Miami; there’s a fabulous music festival and amazing guest appearances at some of the hottest spots on South Beach. Tonight world famous multi-platinum recording producer Dallas Austin will give a special guest DJ session at one of my top 5 places to party. He’ll be taking over the turntables at Louis for Misfit Fridays! It’s all about rockin’ it out however you please with all of Miami’s little deviant socialites partying the night away at Louis.

It’s time to get Rowdy, as Dallas parties it up and gives you the Dallas Austin Experience alongside DJ Damaged Goods. Dress code for Louis is fashionably chic, it’s an extremely upscale party, and guys unless you’re with ladies, the doorman will tend to give you a hard time. Getting there early may not be the coolest thing, I know we all like to make an entrance, but for Louis it helps to be there before all the late comers so that you have a better chance to get in without missions. Misfit Fridays is where you want to be if you don’t want to hit up the huge clubs. It’s located inside the Gansevoort Hotel and although it’s not a huge venue, it’s definitely an adventure. Are you ready to get Rowdy!?!