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Party with Flo-Rida

This Saturday, December 12th, head north to Opium at the Hard Rock and party alongside Flo-Rida and his celebrity friends for their own Y100 Jingle Ball after Party! This isn’t just a party it’s the PARTY! Hosting this celebrity packed fiesta will be Flo-Rida himself; he’s rolling deep, the Poe Boy Family will be at his side along with new R&B sensation, Jason Derulo. Jason Derulo’s single “Whatcha Say” has been topping the charts and is currently # 1 on the Top 40 ranks. Other guests who might show up are the guys from 3oh3! and Iyaz, it’s going to be out of control!

Opium Hard Rock is the hottest place to be at the Hard Rock; with three different rooms to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Drop it down low in the Imperial Room as you jam to the best in Hip hop with DJ 360, feel the vibe of electric house music in the Terrace, or get crazy, let loose in the main room to a sick open format mix by DJ Ideal. You must be 21 to attend this party and put your best swag on, I’ve seen guys left outside because of the wrong outfit; now that’s embarrassing and you don’t want that to be that guy. Doors open at 9p; guests lists and reservations are available all you have to do is call the Opium Hard Rock and they can work it out for you.

Saturday night is going to be super packed with industry professionals from Atlantic Records, Warner Music, Epic Records, Reprise Records, Sony Records & Road Runner Records, and Universal Music Group so you know its going to be a very upscale event.  It’s going to be a mad house of  people heading to the Hard Rock to continue the party once they’ve left the Y100 Jingle Ball; I suggest you get there early. Parking can be a pain, but if you park in the parking garage you should be fine, it leads you right to the start of all the nightclubs in the Hard Rock. I’m getting excited; my playground is usually SoBe, but sometimes for a party that seems worth it I’ll take the trip and make sure I own the night; I can already taste the bubbly! I’m ready to have my hands in the Ayer and get Low, Low, Low!