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Rosario Dawson Presents THE PEOPLE SPEAK!

Its time to get DIRRTY! Join Rosario Dawson as she presents her Executive Produced Documentary, THE PEOPLE SPEAK at LIV, Wednesday, December 23rd! THE PEOPLE SPEAK is a documentary based on the books by Howard Zinn that have opened the eyes of many Americans about the history of the United States and the voice of its people. The documentary showcases the fight for equality and justice for all, with specific historical turning points that have marked change and have shaped our Nation to its current state of government. THE PEOPLE SPEAKS combines various letters, diary entries, musical performances, and speeches given by Americans from all walks of life to illustrate the meaning behind Democracy and to let it be known that Democracy is not a Spectator sport.

Rosario Dawson and Poplife invite you to another crazy Wednesday night at LIV for an amazing party celebrating her documentary. Join some of the hottest socialites in Miami for the weekly ritual that is Dirrty Hairy with DJ’s Ross One, Contra, and Danny Daze spinning a fantastic set of house music. Dress code is strictly enforced; I can’t stress this enough, and yes I can’t deny the doorman can be a tad rigid, but if you get there early you’ll have better luck of avoiding the frenzy of people trying to get in. RSVP is recommended by emailing for complimentary admission before Midnight.

Celebrate Democracy with a night of great music, sexy people, and a night of mayhem as Poplife and LIV invite you to a special edition of Dirrty Hairy with Rosario Dawson.  Let your voice be heard and listen as THE PEOPLE SPEAK!