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DJ Vice

Globetrotting DJ Vice’s exciting career with the S.K.A.M. crew has flourished with high profile sets, a sneaker brand and an upcoming album. We recently caught up with Vice to learn more about his end of the year gig at LIV, who his favorite DJ’s to check out in Miami are, and more.

What do you like about spinning in Miami?

I love to dee-jay in one of the sexiest cities in the U.S. I really like the international influence that Miami gets and it’s seen not only in the people, architecture and food but in what’s played in the club. From sexy house, dancehall, hip hop and then of course the hits…. I like that I can change my set in so many genres of music and still keep the crowd rockin’. It’s also one of my favorite cities to catch a house DJ’s set like [Erik]Morillo or Roger Sanchez.


What do you look forward to most about playing New Year’s week here?

I love playing at LIV in Fontainebleau – the venue is amazing and I love the domed lighted ceiling.  I’m already craving late night food at David’s Cafe!


What does it mean for you to be part of notable artist management company S.K.A.M.?

I am represented by a brand and an agency that is run with its DJ’s in mind. Being a part of something since the beginning means a lot to me, so being a part of S.K.A.M. since it’s conception makes me smile and wonder where the hell the time goes. I’ve been managed by Sujit Kudu for 9 years now and S.K.A.M. is his baby. 

What made you get into the DJ game? What advice do you have for young DJ’s out there?

I got into the DJ game because of my love for music – I haven’t worked a day in my life…that’s because it’s not WORK to me! My advice for “young” DJ’s is to grow up- grow up in experience, grow up in music knowledge, and to understand that this is a culture not a fad.

You’ve been quoted as saying “I’m picky so I haven’t put anything out yet”. What will your album sound like? 

I’ve been working on crafting my sound using influences from various cities and countries that I get to play in. I’m really feeling more of the sounds coming from the U.K and Amsterdam. I’m an eclectic DJ and an even more eclectic producer.

How do you see your sneaker store CRSVR as an extension of your brand?

I’ve always been an avid collector of sneakers and traveling has always given me the opportunity to keep my Nike collection growing. It was the next step to open up shop and this dream became an almost effortless reality with the relationships formed with my partners. is my next focus in branding the store and sharing my love of the sneaker game

Where do you see the future of Miami DJ culture going?

Miami has one of the hottest scenes for both hip hop and house music. I’ve gone to many cities where I drop a bangin’ house track that I’m really feelin’ right now and I get no reaction. Miami is very open to all formats of house music and I love that! WMC keeps the DJ culture alive and growing every year….it’s one of my favorite trips of the year.


Dj Vice will perform on Wednesday, December 30th at LIV, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; (305) 674-4680.

Check out his website at