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Danger Strikes at Louis

Fridays at Louis Bar and Lounge are always a bit mischievous and naughty, the crowd upscale, the music FIERCE; tonight your in for some Danger.  It’s a special edition of Misfit Fridays with DJ Danger rocking the decks.  Known for his music sets that take you on a conceptual journey through sound, DJ Danger throws a DIRRTY live show that contends to that of Deadmau5 and has been slated as the next Daft Punk.  Tonight is going to be filled with treats; Skateboard legend Chad Muska will give a special DJ set alongside resident DJ Damaged Goods. Are you ready for some misadventures?   


The night will be hosted by Last Nights Party photographer, a true misfit himself; Bronques.  He has no shame when it comes to partying, and yes he will put you on blast.  If you haven’t been to a party he’s been at, let me clue you in. Rules, there are no rules, naughty or nice he likes to play, think fashionable hipsters with a passion for the nightlife having no worries, no inhibitions, no consequences or regrets.  Hello its LAST NIGHTS PARTY, all they want to do is dance, they rock it out like it’s their last!  These little beatniks love to be the center of attention and will do what it takes to be caught on film. It’s that intense, so don’t get all shy when the camera is around, there’s no place for the self-conscience here.  This is going to be an insane event, especially this week with Art Basel in town; you’ll want to get there early to avoid missions at the door.  With that said, I leave you with a warning, beware of DANGER!