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Art Basel Grand Opening Event

Join Dream Life Entertainment and The Hilton Bentley as they present The Grand Opening of Art Basel on Thursday, December 3rd starting at 7pm and going on well in to the night. This event will be packed full of celebrities who come from all over to be a part of Art Basel each year. Meet International Pop Art Artist Stephen Gamson, designer of the worldwide brand Bustelo Coffee, and enjoy a special Lamborghini Art Show. It’s a full on Pop Art Party with music by DJ Hugo M coming straight from St. Tropez for this one of a kind event celebrating Art at its finest. Bring out your passion for electrifying works of art while overlooking the breathtaking views of the Ocean sitting poolside.

Take a close look at all the amazing artwork surrounding you while sipping away on a glass of Moet or Grey Goose and Tonic. This week is full of glitz, glam, and pizzazz; fashion shows, music, art; a perfect combination. There’s going to be a fashion show by Isa-Beles and Françoise Elizee, showcasing her beautiful handbags and take part in a special one of a kind Massage Performance, enticing isn’t it? It all starts at 7pm with appetizer menus and drink and bottle specials through the night. Reservations are strongly suggested, you don’t want to be left out of this A-List event. Let your inner artist out, it’s time for Art Basel 2009!