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One Night Stand: Black Sundays @ Bella Rose

Denial, depression, anxiety – these are usually the feelings that can accompany what most of us know as the “Sunday Night Blues,” which typically starts to sink in early evening and continues into the wee hours before the Monday morning kick-off to the work week. But there’s no better way to cure the blues then by pushing them so hard they turn black – Black Sundays, that is.

From the outside, you may wonder if Bella Rose is still in business, with the frosted glass, closed curtains and dark exterior. But, once you enter the intimate space you’ll immediately feel the kind of energy that makes you forget it’s a “school night.” Formerly the Boom Boom Room, this bar/lounge is about the size of a living room, although the décor is far from Mom’s pastel floral wallpaper. Walls are lined with mirrors, a giant rose (of course), paintings illuminated by pink neon lights and blood-dripped bathrooms (more on that later). Besides the reflection of the disco ball, the florescent glow of the vintage artwork is about the only light this cozy space provides, so try not to trip on the way in (or more possible, the way out).

The crowd is what some may consider the next generation of South Beach partygoers – a purely hip locals’ scene attracting South Florida’s “Cool Kids” as well as those who just refuse to leave the beach and are looking to improve an often dull night. But just because it’s Sunday night doesn’t mean South Beach hours change. In fact, this party climaxes between 1:30 and 3:30 a.m., so make sure to get an afternoon nap in, because you’ll most likely be jamming out to old school hip-hop and classic 80s tunes until your Monday morning alarm sounds.

The brainchild behind this offbeat party is nightlife voyager Alexis Mincolla, whose vision was to reintroduce Sunday nights and create a strictly locals’ haunt that was far from marked up bottles and velvet ropes. Each Sunday, Mincolla produces a new short film created from photos of the night’s events, including a restroom-set slashing of one specific night crawler. And to further alleviate your “case of the Mondays,” these films are added to Facebook and MySpace, allowing guests – and those who missed out – to unlock who was slain this time. “My goal was to be the first party that has a unique after product, other than just a bad hang over,” says Mincolla. “It definitely gives people something to look forward to.” The new sought-after spot is booked for killings straight through November. “Everyone wants to get murdered at Bella Rose,” he adds.

So keep your eye out for the co-worker rolling in Monday morning with dark sunglasses, a coffee in one hand and an Egg McMuffun in the other, and a new Bacardi Limon flavored scent; chances are they are recovering from a gruesome night at Bella Rose.

Bella Rose, 423 16th St., Miami Beach; 305-673-8634

Published: 9/08

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