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Out and about: Fuse @ Grass

If you’re a girl who likes to mow the lawn every once in a while Grass Lounge is the place to be every Thursday.

Thursday nights has invigorated the once popular outdoor lounge, but not with its traditional clientele. Grass is growing in a different direction these days. Girls loving girls can now look forward to a chic night off the beach with good food, good drink, no ceiling and best of all, no cover. For any hopeless romantic lesbian, this is a dream come true.

Fuse, formerly at Vino Miami Beach, is a more subtle take on the Miami Lesbian nightlife. It truly does have the potential to put the magic back in the city for the girls. Sure, you can expect drinks to be a bit overpriced, but that’s what pre-parties are for, no? Even if you do spend a few extra bucks on a vodka tonic, though, you can count on a clean hangover as opposed to the cheap liquor-induced variety. Just standing at the bar is a real treat, as that’s where you’ll find all the beautiful women chatting and leaning over the counter. It’s also a great reason to keep you going back for more.

If you’re planning on having dinner prior to your cocktails, order the curry scallops. It’s a small portion but enough to tantalize your pallet with the spiced seared seafood. More of a carnivore? Share the skirt steak with a friend – medium, not medium well. The cocktail menu is pretty consistent with the ambiance. Expect pomegranate-, cucumber- and mint- infused drinks. The mango and passion fruit mixes are a personal favorite and particularly strong. On a night catering to women, expect plenty of these to be flying around. If you’re a wino like me, you’ll definitely stick out like a sore thumb. These drinks are too good to pass up.

Don’t be overzealous with your drinking, though: Grass isn’t your typical Saturday night lesbian bar. Women at Fuse are much more refined and well behaved – better dressed too. The eye candy is far more impressive than what you’re used to, so try not to act a fool. As a matter of fact, I’d suggest your AMEX, business cards and a chic outfit. Don’t expect to rub elbows with anyone under the stars. This isn’t a mainstream event, nor do they want it to be. The women are gorgeous, refined and articulate. If you’re looking for hot lesbian action, this is definitely not the place.

Tips for Fuse @ Grass:

  • Behave yourself, women here are no-nonsense
  • Bring extra cash
  • Order the 009 signature drink – if you’re allergic to mango or passion fruit, go for the 002
  • Bring your straight friends – they can watch your purse while you mingle with the pretty ladies at the bar
  • Bring extra cigarettes, everyone seems to run out around midnight
  • Don’t dance on the tables, even if everyone encourages you
  • And always valet, the door-to-door service is worth the $10.

Grass, 28 NE 20th St., Design District; 305-573-3355

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Published: 6/08