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One Night Stand: Cosplay Tuesdays

Cosplay, Tuesday nights, at Sushisamba.
Cosplay, Tuesday nights, at Sushisamba.

Taking its cues from eccentric popular parties in Japan, Sushisamba Dromo has put an intriguing Miami spin on Asian subculture with Cosplay Tuesdays. Reaching revered status in ultramodern Toyko, this kind of soiree allows trendsetters the opportunity to play dress up as their favorite manga, anime, video game and movie characters. Celebrating its one year anniversary a few months ago, this sexy, trendy and just a tad bit bizarre night is still going strong on Lincoln Road.

Taiko drummers, Cirque X dancers, geisha girls and outrageously dressed Cosplay staff members provide colorful eye candy for diners and scenesters. Plus, each week a $250 cash prize is awarded to one lucky partygoer for best costume. The festival ambiance and pulsating music dictate the cheery mood of the evening, as DJ Lalo C and DJ Jazzy Eyewear keep the crowds hyped with all of kinds of music including house, techno and drum and bass until 4 a.m.

Of course, all that dancing and merriment will make you thirsty. Sushisamba offers plenty of signature cocktails, the most popular being the PearAsian, a potent combination of Grey Goose La Poire, St-Germain Elderflower and lemon/lime. Other fun drinks include Samba Juice, Lemon Samurai and the Chu-cumber.

Don’t come too early, as folks begin to trickle in around midnight, with the revelry peaking at around 2 a.m. And unlike other Tuesday night parties on the beach, there is no cover charge or guest list at this quirky venue.

Sushisamba, 600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305-673-5337

Published: 6/08