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One night stand: Bingo at The Standard

Are your balls feeling lucky tonight? Photo: C.W. Griffin.
Are your balls feeling lucky tonight? Photo: C.W. Griffin.

It’s Sunday night and the only thing you can hear is, “B72!” Followed by someone other than you frantically yelling out “BINGO!” There goes your shot at a free massage at  The Standard’s Spa. You join the rest of the crowd in mumbling a few choice words about how you were so close (yet so far), but manage to psych yourself up for the next round.

Welcome to Sunday night Bingo at The Standard. The weekly soiree has been going on for decades at the location, which was formerly the legendary Lido Spa Hotel designed by famed architect Morris Lapidus. Two years ago Jason Harler remembered the much-loved Lido Sunday night Bingo games and the feeling of family they created, so he decided to bring Bingo back. And what started out decades ago with little old ladies has morphed into the best Sunday night event in Miami.

Games take place in the Standard lobby, which begins getting crowded around 8:15. A group of alternating hosts create the feeling of a large, dysfunctional Miami Beach family game night. They also keep the crowd — fiercely competitive, passive-aggressive locals and tourists — laughing and focused. Prizes range from free hotel stays to massages, spa treatments and even a date with a fellow player — Bingo player, that is – and hosts will attest to many a Bingo love match.

Love is definitely in the air, as Sunday night Bingo is actually the closing event for The Standard’s weekly Love Life pool party. Games start around 8:30 p.m. and go anywhere from 11:00 p.m. till midnight, depending on the level of intensity. A word of advice for first timers: arrive early, mingle with your surrounding competitors and order snacks from the kitchen — it’s going to be a long, fun-filled few hours.

The Standard Hotel, 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach; 305-673-1717