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Out and about: Fuse at Vino Miami

Two lovely ladies enjoy a glass of wine during Fuse at Vino Miami. Photo: Onix Padron
Two lovely ladies enjoy a glass of wine during Fuse at Vino Miami. Photo: Onix Padron

The unconventional lifestyle is no longer sex, drugs and rock n roll. It isn’t even SOBE’s extravagant nightlife anymore. Women, wine, and music — toss these in with with some sexy ambiance and fondue samplers and you’ve got Fuse Thursdays at Vino Miami.

Presented by Icandee Productions one Thursday a month, Fuse offers the most elegant and vibrant event for women who love women in the Magic City — beautiful women who enjoy wine and want to stay away from mainstream tunes can definitely find their niche here.

Upscale lesbians can stop complaining about “raunchy” gay bars and the monotony of the lesbian nightlife. Things are changing, girls. Don’t worry, though: for women whose taste nodes are far more acquainted with barley than grape, beer is always available (and, just like anywhere on Miami Beach, at tourist cost).

Lynn Bové, President of Icandee productions, works as tenaciously as the venue owners and employees to ensure all her women are happy. The entire event is executed flawlessly with the help of a small staff. For Bové, it’s a puzzle: the juxtaposition of the artist, ambiance, food and drink. (However, it’s all much easier to piece together than a lesbian relationship any day.) She’s on top of it all (except the girls) — setting an impeccable example for straight nightclub promoters out there. A missing piece means a missing link, which means unhappy women. With that much estrogen at a bar, there’s no room for mishaps. So far, so good.

However intriguing aged wine and fondue is for Vino’s regular crowd, it’s an admirable feat for lesbian women to call one night a month home. There’s no bass syndrome here. The music is jazzy, R&B and sublime. The performers are women, both straight and gay, who don’t really like bodyguards and enjoy the attention.

Recently, Nicolle Chirino, daughter of Salsero Willy Chirino, performed live at Fuse. (We bet Willy’s followers never imagined his daughter would be singing No Doubt covers at a lesbian night.) and was absolutely enchanting behind the microphone and playing Spanish guitar.

Nicolle Chirino wasn’t the only “Icandee” at Fuse, though. This night brings a mix of women who are beautiful, professional, elegant and sexy: If you’re a single gay woman, this is definitely the place to be; if you’re a lesbian couple, this can be a perfectly romantic date; and if you’re a straight couple, Fuse is a pleasant surprise.

On its own, Vino Miami is a quaint, hole-in-the-wall wine bar for the occasional straggler and locals who enjoy a good wine. Inconspicuously located on Washington Place, it’s the perfect contrast to the traditional SoBe nightlife scene, luring the unconventional lifestyle of people trying to express themselves — with a bit of daintiness.

Fuse @ Vino, 1601 Collins Ave. (16th st. btwn Washington & Collins); 21 & over; Attire: Casual chic;