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Miami's Top 5 Mojitos

Hemingway Special Mojito Drogerie
Hemingway Special Mojito Drogerie

Miami knows how to celebrate a holiday better than any other city, particularly when there’s booze involved. In celebration of National Mojito Day (Thursday, July 11), a holiday that celebrates the greatness of the classic Cuban cocktail, we have brought to you our favorite places to grab a mojito in Miami.

Drogerie by Trummer

Located at the Albion hotel, Drogerie by Trummer turns the mojito on its head with a very unique adaptation of the drink called the Hemingway Special, named after the rum-loving author. The drink substitutes white rum for Santa Teresa Venezuelan Dark Rum and includes a secret mixture called Elixir #5 that includes vanilla from Madagascar to give the drink extraordinary complexity.

Drogerie by Albert Trummer at the Albion Hotel. 1650 James Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33134.

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

Located at the Shops at Midtown Miami, Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill is one of mainland Miami’s most popular restaurants and their drinks are one of their main attractions. Sugarcane infuses the classic Bacardi Superior rum with beets, giving the drink a new flavor palate as well as a colorful hue that won’t make you miss the original. Get there during happy hour from from 4 to 7 pm and you can snag this drink for a very refreshing $7 or a pitcher of their more traditional mojito for $35.

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill. 3252 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137; 786-369-0353 or

Tap Tap

Although the Miami Beach restaurant Tap Tap is known for their authentic Haitian cuisine, they know their way around the classic Cuban drink. They substitute white rum for Barbancourt Five-Star Haitian Rhum, a dark rum that’s widely praised, and freshly squeezed lime juice to give their mojitos a depth and freshness not often found in your standard mojito. And at $8, the price can’t be beat.

Tap Tap. 819 5th Street, Miami Beach, Florida 33139; 305-672-2898.

Florida Cookery

A restaurant by chef Kris Wessel in the James Royal Palm hotel, Florida Cookery is known for its fresh local ingredients. For their version of the mojito, they include locally-sourced raspberry, strawberry and blueberries to add both a fruity sweetness and tartness to the classic drink.

Florida Cookery at the James Royal Palm Hotel. 1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139; (786) 276-0333 or

Ortanique on the Mile

For a more traditional interpretation of the mojito, head to Ortanique on the Mile in Coral Gables. The Coral Gables restaurant makes the drink as classic as they come, with ingredients like Bacardi Superior rum and fresh spearmint that’ll make you feel like you’re enjoying a mojito from Havana’s heydays.

Ortanique on the Mile. 278 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida 33134. (305) 446-7710 or

Photo Credit: Thomas Schauer